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About Cyolo

The Access Company for the Digital Enterprise

Through trustless, agnostic software, Cyolo gives security leaders the controls to safely provide asset access — not broad network access — to on-premises, remote, and third-party users.

Our Mission

Founded by a former CISO and two ethical hackers, we set out to solve one of the most critical challenges in cybersecurity.

A growing global workforce also means growing cybersecurity threats. Our founders saw severe vulnerabilities in current network access solutions and set out to solve them. The result? An advanced solution that provides secure asset access to on-prem and remote users, while also integrating directly with your existing tech stack. All so your company can stay safe, secure, and productive.


Meet the management team leading innovation in secure remote access.

Almog Apirion

CEO, Co-founder

Dedi Yarkoni

CTO, Co-founder

Eran Shmuely

Chief Architect, Co-founder

Jason Schaaf


Yana Melnick

VP of Finance and Operations

Joe O’Donnell

EVP Corporate Development and GM of OT

Hadas Hermon

VP of People

Jonathan Yellin

VP of R&D

Richard Villasenor

VP of Partner Success

Asa Kedar

VP of Sales, EMEA

Bruce Gibson

VP Enterprise Sales

Joe Flowers

Vice President, Global Alliances and Channel Engineering


Meet the investors who believe in our advanced secure remote access solution.

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