Industries We Serve

Your industry faces distinct cybersecurity risks. We understand these challenges and your need to maintain safety and operational uptime. To help you overcome your industry-specific challenges, we created an easy-to-implement remote access solution.

Providing advanced OT secure remote access

While Cyolo PRO can provide secure remote access for any industry, here is how we serve manufacturing, energy, oil & gas, and life sciences & pharma industries.


Industry 4.0 has transformed manufacturing by incorporating technologies like automation, IoT, and data analytics into traditional processes. However, this increased IT and OT connectivity has raised cybersecurity risks, expanding the attack surface for cyber threats in smart factories. Cyolo PRO offers a secure remote access solution tailored for manufacturing OT, enabling safe connections for remote workers, vendors, and privileged employees to critical assets.

Oil & Gas

The oil and gas (O&G) sector is crucial for enabling various industries and maintaining societal functions. However, the sector faces increasing cyber threats targeting industrial control systems (ICS) and operational technology (OT), especially with the rise of remote work, automation, and Industry 4.0 connectivity. While remote access improves efficiency and reduces costs, it introduces security risks that need proper controls to prevent incidents across all stages of O&G operations. Cyolo PRO is an advanced Secure Remote Access (SRA) solution designed for OT, helping O&G organizations securely connect remote workers and third-party vendors.


Prolonged outages, disruption of essential services, and economic loss: cyber attacks within the energy industry can be catastrophic. But legacy systems and complex data sharing methods increase attack surface. Cyolo PRO helps you secure and control user access to your OT/ICS systems — down to the granular asset level. So you can stay in control and reduce the risk of network breaches.

Life Sciences & Pharma

Threats to operations, IP, and safety make securing life sciences & pharma OT systems from cyber attacks a critical priority. Cyolo PRO’s identity-based access solution helps you keep your sensitive data safe, from research to production.