Don't let your third-party partners leave you vulnerable.

Third-party vendors and contractors provide vital support to organizations across industries, but giving these privileged users access to critical systems can drastically expand your attack surface. Cyolo enables you to reap the benefits of your third-party collaborations without the added risk.

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The reason behind 70% of data breaches in 2022? Third parties had too much privileged access.

In 2022, a major fashion retailer was fined $1.9 million over a data breach affecting 39 million customers — the result of unauthorized third-party access. This is not a standalone incident. More than 70% of organizations that suffered a cyberattack in 2022 reported the cause to be from offering third parties too much privileged access. In fact, third parties are 5x more likely to follow poor security practices — the perfect target for hackers.(1)

(1) Source: Ponemon Institute Report

Minimize attack surface by giving third-party users asset access only. Never network access.

Provide third-party users with access to only the assets they need — and nothing more. That's true zero-trust access.

Deploy quickly with no change management needed

Our software is compatible with your existing tech stack, allowing for easy implementation. No firewall changes, routing changes, GRE, or IPsec tunnels are required to deploy Cyolo. Support non-corporate managed devices with agentless secure access and device posturing for BYOD. Third parties can access apps via web browser or native clients.

Instantly grant or remove user access

Admins can instantly approve and revoke access for any third party, as well as supervise and audit all activity via real-time monitoring and session recording.

Ensure security posture and compliance

Our identity-based access architecture delivers full user visibility. Authenticate every identity — even for generic usernames and passwords — and run continuous authorization.

Keep all sensitive data within your environment

Our technology provides end-to-end encryption, and no client assets are visible or stored by Cyolo. Ever. All sensitive data remains secure within your own environment. Other remote access or even zero-trust access solutions can’t say the same.

Case Study

How Tata Chemicals Prevents Data Breaches by Securing Third-Party Access with Cyolo

"Cyolo allows us to limit access to both internal and third-party users through the policies and connections within the platform itself. So we're able to very easily restrict users or groups of users to the specific systems, ports, and protocols that they need to access without having to set up a bunch of complex firewall rules or routes or application filters."

Gibson Mark, Senior Systems Administrator, Tata Chemicals