Connect users to the cloud without compromising data security

Our zero trust access solution allows you to quickly and securely connect your users to the cloud using identity-based asset access.

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Insufficient identity, credential, and access security is the number one cloud security risk.

In 2022, a threat actor gained access to the cloud-based storage of a popular password manager — obtaining access to users’ unencrypted and encrypted data. How? By targeting an employee’s credentials after infiltrating their home computer. With more business operations and applications moving to the cloud, you need a zero trust access approach to mitigate these identity-based vulnerabilities.

Minimize vulnerabilities by providing users with access to only the assets they need

By providing identity-based asset access — not wide-range cloud network access — you reduce the risk of hackers gaining access to your network through stolen credentials. We’re true zero trust access.

Keep sensitive data safe with end-to-end encryption

No data is visible or stored on Cyolo's cloud broker. Ever. All sensitive data stays within your own environment. Other ZTNA solutions can’t say the same.

Monitor all user access through identity-based permission policies

Implement policy-based multi-factor authentication (MFA) and Single Sign-On (SSO) access to only the applications, tools, and resources users need to perform their work. Once work is complete, you can rescind access.

Onboard new users quickly to keep business operations moving

Setting up new user permissions is simple, making onboarding new employees quick and easy — a key benefit to ensuring smooth business operations after a recent M&A.

Streamline user management with one unified solution

Link all IdPs and manage security policies with one centralized solution using Cyolo’s clean, intuitive user interface.

Case Study

How Identity-Based Access & Connectivity is Enabling PIB Insurance’s Remarkable Growth

PIB Group, a UK-based global insurance intermediary established in 2015 with a presence in the UK, Europe, and India, set out to improve their overall security posture and provide a seamless user experience for internal and third-party user access to the company’s business applications. With around 60 business acquisitions since 2016 and more to come, PIB was looking for a security model that would support their M&A growth.

Cyolo was initially deployed for PIB within just one hour, providing a near instantaneous improvement to business agility and operational efficiency for an organization with more than 2,500 remote, internal, and third-party users.

By simplifying their IT infrastructure with Cyolo, PIB is already realizing significant cost savings of £35 per user per month. Savings will reach more than £1 million annually.

What does your cloud connectivity risk level look like?

See how your current cloud connectivity policies could be putting your sensitive systems at risk.