Managing Access & Risk in the Increasingly Connected OT Environment

New research from the Ponemon Institute and Cyolo examines how organizations that operate OT environments are managing access and risk in the face of unprecedented changes and challenges.

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New Ponemon Research Addresses OT Security, Access, and Risk

Industrial enterprises face real and persistent obstacles when it comes to securing critical systems against unauthorized access and other cyberthreats. The isolation that once largely protected OT environments from external threats has given way to a new era of connectivity that promises greater productivity and security even while creating serious potential risks.

At the same time, organizations depend on the specialized skills and subject matter expertise of third-party partners to help keep operations running, but connecting these users and their devices to OT environments without implementing the proper access controls also increases risk.

New report from the Ponemon Institute and Cyolo examines how organizations are managing security risks and access challenges in the age of OT connectivity.

Read the complete research report for answers to the following questions, and much more:

  • Are industrial enterprises making it a priority to ensure secure access to OT environments?

  • How do organizations rate the effectiveness of their current OT security strategies?

  • What types of tools are being adopted to improve OT security and provide secure access?

  • On average, how many third-party vendors do organizations authorize to access the OT environment?

  • How does the relationship between OT and IT affect OT security and safety?

  • Is IT/OT convergence more than a buzzword?

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